Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square -- Cairo Egypt
 Tahrir Square, the largest areas of the city of Cairo in Egypt, called at the beginning of its establishment on behalf of the field of Ismailia, the proportion of the Khedive Ismail, then change the name to the "field editor relative to freedom from colonialism in 1919 and then established its name officially in the revolution of July 23, 1952.

Simulates the field in the design field that contains the Charles de Gaulle, the Arc de Triomphe in the French capital Paris

Revolution January 25
 Gathered millions of Egyptians in Tahrir Square in on January 25, 2011 demanding the resignation of former President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak to the presidency and took the field headquarters of the revolution that the Vice President in an official statement giving up the president from office on the evening of Friday, February 11, 2011 where he was the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Directors affairs of the country temporarily for a period of six months until the completion of the elections, the People's Assembly and Shura Council, where it has been resolved and also the completion of the presidential elections and called on Egyptians to stand down the President of the increasing poverty, unemployment and police corruption and the theft of some corrupt businessmen to the country's wealth and smuggled abroad, which led to worsening economic conditions of Egypt and rigging the last election, the People's Assembly and the Shura Council are distasteful and demanding freedom of the press and media and also to reject the idea of bequeathing power to Gamal Mubarak, son of former president and the former Egyptian president to try to calm people, the appointment of Vice-President for the first time since Tlatyn years, Omar Suleiman, head of Egyptian intelligence and the Mubarak also commissioned Dr. Ahmed Shafik formation of a new ministry successor to the Ministry of Ahmed Nazif was declared the new ministry, which included new ministers with the survival of some of the Ministers of the former Ministry in office and suggested the president also amendments to some articles of the Constitution of the most important articles on the nomination of President of the Republic, but millions stayed behind for several days refusing letters of the President addressed to the people and has taken measures, but also refused to figures by the set and saw that the legitimacy of his rule is over and insisted on stepping down. And saw the ground clashes with the police which resulted in hundreds dead and thousands injured from the Egyptians and forced the military governor to order the military onto the streets of Cairo and major cities to resolve the bloody conflict between demonstrators and police and imposed a curfew and welcomed the demonstrators very revelation of the army into the streets where there is deep respect between the people Egypt and the Egyptian army. And increased the proportion of the demonstrators and built camps to spend the night in the field of editorial announcing that they were clinging to their demands until the final stretch of their lives. It is worth mentioning that the whole world at large that this revolution is unprecedented in recent history because it is politicized, it was a popular revolution without targets foreign policy and the purpose of demanding reform of procedure and the world has seen the purity of this revolution where there were no events of harassment among young and female Total Tahrir Square or other places and there were no robberies or assaults among people with the exception of the entry of thugs hired on demonstrators who attacked them, but the young protestors Qaomohm and expelled them and formed the people's committees of the guards and the protection of lives and property in Tahrir Square and the streets of Cairo and all Egypt's governorates. It is also worth mentioning that the protesters have after the president stepping down disperse from the field, but in the previous wonderful that has been recognized the world they have cleaned up the field indicated by it over the paper of the Egyptian people and progress of civilization This is not the first time that the young people to clean streets, where stations aired news televised scenes for the establishment of numerous young people and children and the elderly to clean the streets in Cairo and other cities in

It is well-known sayings of the Revolution

Barack Obama:
 We must educate our children to become young people, Egypt

Prime Zarae Italy:
 There is nothing new in Egypt, the Egyptians are making history as usual

Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway:
Today we are all Egyptians

Austrian President Heinz Fischer:
 The people of Egypt's greatest peoples of the earth and deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

 for the first time we see the people of the revolution and then clean the streets after