The announcement of the greatest archeological discovery may be behind the cemetery, "Tutankhamun" in Egypt

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Egypt announced on Saturday November 28, 2015 Online preliminary results of the search radar for the wall, "Tutankhamun" cemetery in the western mainland in Luxor, southern Egypt, indicate the presence of archeological discovery behind the north and west walls of the cemetery by 90%.

Said Mamdouh Damati Minister of Antiquities of Egypt, said that what is inside Amon Cemetery of the work of research and explorations, could result in one of the most important and greatest archaeological discoveries, "referring to the intervention of a Japanese expert to analyze the revelations for a month.
Damati added, speaking from Luxor that "it was the work of thermal imaging to scan the walls of the cemetery, and then began to radar scanning process in the November 26, confirmed the existence of an archaeological revealed behind the walls."

Alrdari scanning device has been tested before work within the cemetery, "Tutankhamun" perform a cemetery for the children, "Ramses" number "5" survey, which is empty, there is no visits.

A statement from the ministry said that there were acts of search and explore witnessed the historic cemetery, which dates back to the time of "Tutankhamun", named pharaoh in gold, one of the Egyptian pharaohs of the 18 family in the history of ancient Egypt (from 1334 to 1325 BC), based on to what provoked the British Nicholas Reeves world, in the recent period he believed the presence of the Queen "Nefertiti" room, one of the most important Egyptian queens in the Old Testament, in the golden pharaoh tomb.

According to the Egyptian General Authority for government queries, "was the golden pharaoh," Tutankhamun "graveyard on the fourth of November 1922 discovery, by a British and specialized effects in the history of ancient Egypt," Howard Carter ", when he was doing excavations at the entrance to the tunnel leading to the tomb King Ramses IV in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. "

Commission pointed out that "this discovery the latest fanfare and extensive in the world, due to arrive at the mummy of Pharaoh full content, and full adornments of necklaces, rings, and a crown, and sticks, all of pure gold, and Ebony (Khc Ivory)"

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