Lighting Egyptian pyramids colors of the flags of Russia, France, Lebanon

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Egyptian authorities lit pyramids of ancient Egypt colors of the flags of Russia, France and Lebanon, on Sunday evening, November 15 in solidarity with the victims of these countries who have been killed by terrorist acts.

Authorities decided to conduct effective way to commemorate the victims of the A321 plane crash over the territory of the Sinai in Egypt and attacks Burj el-Barajneh in Beirut and Paris.

In spite of the lack of investigation is complete, some experts is likely that the Russian A321 plane crashed as a result of detonate a bomb, killing 224 people on board. Also resulted in two suicide bombings killed 44 people in Beirut and another 129 people were killed in coordinated bombings in Paris.

He Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zazou that the effectiveness conducted in Giza Egypt to symbolize solidarity with all peoples of the world affected by terrorism, particularly the peoples of France, Lebanon and Russia.

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