Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti
British scientist was found on the door of a secret tomb of Tutankhamun probably reveals Nefertiti Cemetery

US network reported that the Egyptologist British popular, detection found on the door of a secret in the burial of the Pharaoh Tut Ang Amon room, you may give him a ride to what they're looking for decades, which is the final resting place of Nefertiti, the most famous queen of ancient Egypt more Fraantha and the wife of the importance and controversial, which is his father, Amenhotep IV, which is considered as the first of what he called a unified gods furnace, and changed his name to Akhenaten throughout rule lasted 17 years before the year 3300, Vantvd priests of the temples on the revolution, and perhaps killed him, and his grave unknown for now.

According to a report carried by the network for the British newspaper The Times, Tuesday, the Nicholas Reeves, a professor of Egyptology Arizona University in Washington, was based, to Tyre high-precision X-ray and scan "Digital" accurate to the walls of the burial of Tut Ang Amon room discovered by his compatriot Howard Carter before 93 years, noted the existence of "spectral" for my room to bury the Bazlhma builders of the tomb itself, and one of them leads to a room in his opinion, "the contents of the" narrow. The second, if Dr. 

Reeves make sure hunch about it, he found what he called the most important Pharaonic discovery, which was buried Nefertiti room.

Dr. Reeves says that the burial chamber "does not belong to Tutankhamun alone, but the combine containing the body of his mother, Queen Nefertiti," which is mentioned in the study published in an academic educational site. And a summary of what explains Dr. Reeves that the sudden death of the king the young Tut "disorienting in the Royal Palace Pharaonic, because the bosses in which the preparation of the royal tombs, who did not expect his 

premature death, did not build a tomb worthy of it in advance, and because the tradition imposes organize the funeral of the king after only 70 days On his death, so they signed an impasse "and found dissolved research priests from the cemetery in the" Valley of Kings "famous, there and found there on one valid to some extent, already been designed d├ęcor modest for someone Nabil, lower rank of King, Fajtaroha him whatever.

But Professor Reeves have now, if true, told him discovery is far more important, is the presence of remains or the mummy of Nefertiti in the middle of the cemetery, which Tvhstha company "Factum Art" Spanish optical scanning, and the pictures Notice Reeves in the northern wall of the tomb of a vertical line is left 

buried Tut chamber center , offset by last her right hand, Fastdl that her daughters made it two distinct parts, one of them found the Carter on the mummy of Tut Ang Amon, while the rest stayed unknown to him and to others, even though he spent much time examining the place, and in that section Reeves believes they put the body of Nefertiti, reinforcing his belief because important.

 The reason is that graphics that cover the walls of the cemetery almost similar, except that in the northern wall only, which was confirmed by scanning, which appeared to add the yellow wall color after drawing the mouthpiece of the King journey into the world of the dead forms, while it was added before the drawing in the southern walls, East The Bank, which used it to disguise fool thieves and block the other secret place. 

Also mentions Reeves that 80% of what was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, "do not come back to him, but of Queen Nefertiti, Akhenaten's wife, hated him from the priests thwarted religious revolution and came his son to the throne, on condition, according to what I read about" Net "in site "Wikipedia" Cyber, be abolished worship the God of monotheism furnace and connects Balham named Amon, was called Ang Amon Tut himself, then spent "probably dead" and barely 20-year-old was.

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