English site publishes information about the strangest 7 Pharaohs

The most prominent civilizations throughout history have emerged since more than five thousand years, on the banks of the Nile River, the ancient Egyptian civilization, which was granted this land boom ended until the invasion of Alexander the Great in 332 BC, but no information about this sudden civilization.

English site publishes information about the strange pharaohs Hatshepsut .. "bald"

And publishing site "history" of English, the strangest 7 About the ancient Egyptians, and was as follows:

1. Cleopatra non-Egyptian origin:
Code symbols from ancient Egypt, she was born with Alexandria, but they belong to the Greeks, Macedonians smoother "the ancient Greeks."

2. The first peace treaty in Egyptian history:
Egyptians fought against the Empire recital for control of the land there, for more than two centuries, to continue the conflict and develop until the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II came, did not achieve any parties triumph, to hold negotiate peace in 1259 BC, between Ramses II and King Alhethein, to end this conflict The result recorded history, a peace treaty, and you can see that version of the treaty over the gate of the United Nations in New York Consulate room....

3. veterans buried table play:
After a long working day, the Egyptians spend their time with table games, and return the game to the year 3500 BC, and was playing on a tablet which draws 30 square, each player has a number of pieces and move them on the board according to the number that appears on the dice.

4. Egyptians workers organize strikes:
Although the pharaoh was a kind of gods, but they did not fear to pretend in order to improve their working conditions, in the second century BC during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses III, when workers were building a city of the dead Bedier city, did not receive the usual grain their payments, staged one from the first strikes recorded in history.

5. ancient Egyptian was obese:
Usually Pharaohs art objects elegant and perfect shows, but this is not true, and the research conducted on the mummy, confirmed that the Pharaohs were Bdinyin and non-health, and Queen Hatshepsut, who lived in the 15th century before the date examples, scientists confirm that she was fat and suffer from baldness.

6. slaves did not build pyramids:
Evidence suggests that the slaves built the pyramids, but not Medfoau wage workers, but the idea that the workers built the pyramids mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus, but most came after him, historians have denied that myth, history and mentions that the Egyptians were slaves as servants keep their homes.

7. Egyptian women enjoyed many rights and freedoms:
The Egyptian women had legal and financial autonomy, and they could buy and sell, and writing a will, and not from the habits of Egyptian women work outside the home....

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