Cairo city that never sleeps

Is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the most important cities at all..
Cairo Governorate is one of the provinces and one city is located on the eastern bank of the River Nile length of 41.542 km and is bordered by the provinces of Elqalyoubeyah north, east and south and west province of Giza province on the east of Suez. The area of ​​the province 214 km square..

Bringing the total number of people estimated to 7.609 million in 2004 and the birth rate is 23 births / 1,000 population, while the death rate 7/1000 people and the natural increase rate of 16/1000.
Population density of up to 38247.03 people / sq km.

Available in Cairo, the effects of different civilizations .. Pharaonic, Romanian, Christian, Islamic and modern times. Cairo is also replete with monuments such as tree-renowned Mary, the church is outstanding, Al-Azhar Mosque, the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas, the Citadel of Saladin, the Egyptian Museum, Islamic Museum, Coptic Museum, the Museum of Muhammad Ali, the Japanese Garden, Tower Island, Garden International, War Panorama October, the Cairo International conference Centre and the Opera House, is also available in Cairo hotels and tourist villages that up to 89 hotels and village.
Modern Cairo was built near the site of the ancient city of Memphis, which was built around the year 3100 BC. M, and was the first capital of ancient Egypt. When the Arabs entered Egypt in 22 AH 0.642 m, set up units Arab army camp her south current location to Cairo, where they built next to him afterwards and progressively many homes, mosques, and is the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas the first and largest of these mosques, palaces, a range of urban, who knew the city of Fustat which was the first Islamic capital of Egypt. When the Fatimids dominated on the reins of power in Egypt in 359 AH 0.969 m leader Jawhar built the city of Cairo, north of the first site where Arabs settled a Fustat to be the capital of the country.

It is believed that the Cairo named after the omnipotent star who appeared in the sky when they start building in the city, and the subsequent construction of the Fatimids of Al-Azhar Mosque, which has become the hope wishing to study Islamic sciences from all over the Islamic world.

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