Islamic conquest of Egypt and the beginning of the Islamic State

Islamic conquest of Egypt

Sent Muhammad is the messenger of Allah peace be upon him in the seventh year of the Hijra (628 AD) message to Cyrus the Great Copts, inviting him to Islam, has been the best Cyrus greeted the ambassadors of the Prophet, peace be upon despite the fact that Cyrus had hesitation in accepting the invitation to enter into Islam, but it sent a gift to the Holy Prophet, and was at the head of one of the girls gift Cyrus Egypt which Ms. "Maria" and some products from Egypt. Has left a gift Cyrus to the Prophet peace be upon him strong ties between Egypt and the Arab countries at the time of the Holy Prophet, especially after Andjabh and his son Ibrahim from Ms. Maria, which support a link levels with the Egyptians and paved the way for open Islamic Egypt, came a message of the Prophet at a time when Egypt suffers from the disorder, which was prevalent in Egypt that time, especially in the religious differences that were between the Egyptians and the Byzantines.

Islamic conquest
 Been conquered Egypt in the reign of the faithful Omar ibn al-Khattab, may God bless him at the hands of Companion Amr ibn al-Aas year 20 AH / 641 AD, and began from that date important phase in the political history of Egypt's Islamic undertaken which play an important role through the stages of Islamic history, which stretched across several Islamic states and empires include the starting state of the Umayyad, Abbasid state, then the state of the Fatimid Valakhchidah then the Ayyubid, Mamluk era and then finally the Ottoman Empire, which was one of the mandates of Egypt for nearly three hundred years.

Egypt witnessed during Islamic rule, a comprehensive renaissance in the construction and the arts represented in Islamic architecture creates many mosques, castles and forts and fences, as well as decorative arts marked by the first Islamic capital in Egypt, a city of Fustat and by the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas is a measure of the Nile island of kindergarten oldest impact Egyptian islami and established by the Abbasid caliph al-Mutawakkil in 245 AH God ·

And reflected the prosperity of Islamic architecture in the city Alktaea and Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun, which was built on the approach to the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas with the addition of the fountain and the minaret and struts, decoration and painting constituent ·· and Minaret Mosque of Ibn Tulun is only in the mosques of Egypt, which has this format outstanding, and made Islamic architecture in Fatimid , where is Al-Azhar mosque of the most famous architecture in Fatimid Egypt, as well as the Anwar Mosque, "the ruling order of God" and the whole Aqmar.

Distinguish the Ayyubid also the progress of architecture, the most famous landmarks building the Citadel of Saladin and represent this castle Islamic architecture since the Ayyubid state until the era of Muhammad Ali.

It also left the Mamluks wealth of great artistic represented in mosques and domes and the role of the Sufi schools, palaces and castles and fountains.

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