"Foreign tour operators" decide to resume their programs Egypt's tourist 2015

Published some American newspapers, a media report, about the improved security situation in the Egyptian tourist destinations, especially during the month of July, according to the subsidiary Egyptian tourist bureau in New York, the press and websites of America

This came one of the fruits of the efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism and the revitalization of tourism and all stakeholders, to confirm the stability of the security situation in Egypt tourist areas.

Among the sites that talked about the destination of Egypt is the site of "Travelweekly.com", as revealed in one of his articles about the desire of the Federation of Tour Operators International The Travel Corporation in the resumption of their holidays to Egypt in 2015, after a hiatus for two consecutive years, as confirmed by the President of the United States of America on the basis of their reports and the reports of the State Department to lift the travel ban, as well as increased demand for tourist programs to Egypt.

The article included the views of a number of tour operators, such as Contiki Insight and Uniworld Boutique River Cruise and Trafalgar.

It also addressed the site "huffhingtonpost.com" an article about the visit, "Tom Hanks" to Egypt and filmed scenes from his new movie in Hurghada, and showed the article positive statements for "Hanks" during his visit, which is his first to the Red Sea area, also addressed the role of this visit in pay tourism movement in Egypt in general and the Red Sea in particular.

In this regard, confirmed a tour with an article in the "Travelpulse.com", that his company organizes tourism program to different tourist destinations, but that Egypt was one of the more active tourist destinations for him.

He added that the situation in Egypt now seems more stable, especially with the inauguration of President rule, which gives hope for a return to normal life in Egypt before the revolution of 2011 when - as he put it. 

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