Egypt Coptic

Coptic era

Christianity entered Egypt in the mid-first century AD, with the entry of St Mark of Alexandria in 65 AD founded the first Coptic church in Egypt.
Has met with Christians in the late third century AD persecution at the hands of the Emperor Diocletian was launched on this period, the era of the martyrs of the large number of martyred Copts. And taken by the Copts of the year in which Diocletian throne (284 AD) the beginning of the Coptic calendar.

Among the most prominent manifestation of this age spread tendency asceticism among Christians, which resulted in the establishment of monasticism and the establishment of monasteries numerous all over Egypt.
I got Coptic architecture in the spirit of art the old Pharaonic and completed episode of art-related since the Pharaonic civilization and Greek civilization and Romania, Egypt, and is the churches built in the fifth century AD model for Architecture and Coptic art.

The photography was prevalent in the Coptic era as an extension of the way in which there were frequent from previous eras in Egypt, photography colors oxides "Alvrsk" on the walls covered with a layer of gypsum.
Just as the ancient Egyptians knew the music originated in the Coptic era in Egypt, the art of music church to keep pace with the trend of technical musical tunes of ancient Egyptian and still tunes playing in the Coptic Church is currently carrying Pharaonic names such as "melody Singari" as well as "melody Alatrbiny."

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