Google celebrates sun Ptaamd in the temple of Abu Simbel

Google celebrates the phenomenon of "the sun passes in the temple of Abu Simbel"

U.S. wants Google to search engines Internet Information International, to tell the world the historical event of the ancient Egyptians which the sun passes over the Statue of Ramses in the temple of Abu Simbel.

It was a beautiful day brightness of the sun is bright but not like any other day, he October 22 it does not matter in any year because this event happens every year.
Interfere with sunlight early in the morning to a place inside the so-called "holy of holies" and access to the four statues, Vtdye this place deep in the rock, which is about sixty meters entrance!!

It is worth mentioning that the occurrence of the sun passes over the Statue of Ramses was happening on 21 October and 21 February before 1964, but after the transfer of the temple of Abu Simbel after being cut to save him from drowning under the waters of Lake of the High Dam in the early sixties of its old, which were carved into the mountain to its current location, has become this phenomenon is repeated on 22 October and 22 February, Vtaamd sun on the Temple of Abu Simbel twice a year based on the scientific fact discovered by ancient Egyptians which that Sunrise Point Middle completely and sunset from a point west completely in on the twenty-first of March Then sunrise point changes by almost a quarter of a degree every day to the north, where up at sunrise to a point by 23 degrees and 27 minutes north-east in the twenty-second of June.

Based ancient Egyptians in their discovery that the sun passes on every point in during sunrise and sunset twice in each year, and that the distance of time between them vary depending on after every point for point Middle completely, and that the sun passes over the face of Ramses II twice a year, will be held the second and twenty October and the second of the month of February, came as a result of choosing the ancient Egyptians point in the course of Sunrise away from the points on track with a time of four months to comply with the October 22 and 22 February each year and then they built the temple so that the direction of the path that enter them the sun on the face Ramses II from the east of the narrow opening, and that the ancient Egyptians made this slot so tight if entered sunlight in the day fell on the statue's face it the next day deviate deviation small amount of fourth degree and this fall rays the next day on the wall of the hole does not fall on the face statue.

I discovered this phenomenon in 1874, where she explored Amelia Eduarz and the team accompanying monitor this phenomenon and recorded in her book, published in 1899 (thousand miles above the Nile), which reads in part: become statues Holy of Holies high-impact and surrounded by a halo beautiful prestige and dignity at sunrise and the fall of its beams.

The Aswan Governorate announced that it was preparing to receive the global event for the phenomenon of the sun passes the Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, south of Aswan, in the unique astronomical phenomenon which occurs twice during the year on 22 October and 22 February.

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