Egyptian Tourism Minister calls Angelina Jolie for a wedding ceremony in Aswan

Called on the Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie during a phone call to set up her wedding to Brad Pitt in Aswan this winter.

She Annbharha Julie for what I saw in Luxor and Aswan, and the Hollywood star had left the airport of Luxor on June 3 on their way to London and the United States of America after he spent 3 days in Luxor and Aswan.
The Angelina Jolie to do that he offered her representation of the role of Cleopatra and hesitated to accept the offer, but after her visit to Egypt will change its mind.
Had promised Angelina visited Egypt in the month of August to visit all the archaeological sites associated with Queen Cleopatra and to buy clothes and the Crown of Egypt so that it can play its role to the fullest where it will be accompanied screenwriter and director also expressed his star Brad Pitt, his desire to visit the oasis specially.
For his part, Minister of Tourism to assist in providing possible facilities for the success of this visit to promote Egypt as a global destination for Hollywood celebrities and world cinema.

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