Writing in Ancient Egypt

Writing in ancient Egypt
is divided in several stages due to the different times and circumstances, which is as follows:

prevailed in Pharaonic times of started when Archaic period to the end of the pharaonic state after the modern state and then began to extinction, were usually written from right to left or from left to right, horizontal or vertical, which is about signals include the nature of man and animal The plant, water, sun and other natural phenomena, he wrote the Egyptians on papyrus and the walls of temples and pyramids and religious texts, all were writing sacred and had to learn hard, but it Mtalmha, which was called the writer; he has like high and high when the Egyptians and the Mtalmha This is also yet to be a writer can that live up in the office so that it can become a provincial governor or a minister.

Due to the difficulty of hieroglyphics and the difficulty of learning and use in public affairs; was the invention of writing hieratic which is derived from the hieroglyphics with simplified a bit, also named Line priestly any line clerics because the priests and clergymen are used that to write a lot in all their actions, and was writing out on ceramics, wood, and most of the literary writings of the Egyptians recorded Balheiratiqih.
prevailed after the end of the modern state in the era of decay of the latter for ease of hieroglyphics and hieratic and also colloquially called due to spread among all the people and was a dialect of their language, but written.
It is the ancient Egyptian written letters Greek, and scored by the clergy Christians all their writings and religious texts, and prevailed in that language, along with many, that the diversity of those who lived in Egypt in that period, it is the pharaohs and then the Persians and the Ptolemies and the Greeks and the Greeks and the Jews to the Romans Vtaddt languages ​​and literature were writing certain prevail in the era of a particular and also for each area of ​​writing and the back of that difference and diversity clearly in Roman times, and then the Islamic conquest of Egypt, and thus began the other languages ​​in decline even prevailed in Arabic but are not considered from the writings of ancient Egypt, because they did not prevail, except in times relatively advanced .
And have been know those languages ​​and dismantling of blades by the Rosetta Stone, which was discovered by the French in Egypt during the French campaign, and contains the stone on three types of literature, a hieroglyphic, demotic, Greek.


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