Temple "Chroat" opens in Luxor for the first time for tourists Developed an integrated plan to develop it after a long period of neglect

A source in Luxor archeological south of the capital Cairo, Egypt 700 km, the American Research Center of the effects had begun to develop a plan to develop an integrated Temple "Der Chroat" western mainland.

The source said, "Al Arabiya" It is well known that this temple had been neglected for a long time, because it is located in the village next to the cultivation of "Aloqalth" west of Luxor, and that he was subjected to infringements is large and the surrounding area with the outbreak of the revolution.

However, the Supreme Council of Antiquities removed the infringements and the work of a fence surrounding the area of ​​archaeological, and archaeological John Sherman, Chairman of the Working archaeological mission based on the project has started work on the "organizational chart" for the region, is expected to result in business for discoveries of archaeological in the area around the temple.

The source said that the Temple "Chroat" includes a gate and through side rooms and a key, and that he was grossly negligent to the presence of remnants of "soot," black as a result of burning and subsistence since the Copts.

The temple will be open to tourists for the first time after the end of the development work.

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