Egypt succeeded in restoring 80 pieces of antique Belgium

Cairo  ... Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of the effects that the ministry received from the Egyptian Foreign 80 pieces archaeological been recovered Egypt from Belgium after extracting a sentence from one of Belgian courts serving restored and delivered to the Egyptian Embassy in Brussels, pointing out that he has formed a committee archaeological headed Acanutorosama copper Director General of the Department of Antiquities recovered to collect the artifacts from the State Department Monday after a received from the Egyptian Embassy in Brussels a few days ago

Ibrahim explained that these effects were in possession of an Egyptian woman had smuggled inside the wooden statues of imitators to Brussels in 2010 was seized by airport customs officials was reported to the National Museum in Brussels, where proven to inspect the seized antique pieces and told the international Interpol in Egypt.

He said he immediately reported to the Ministry of State for the effects of the incident was a series of legal proceedings and negotiating with the Belgian side, in cooperation with the Embassy of Egypt in Belgium to confirm the exact Egyptian pieces and it came out of Egypt illegally.

Dr. Osama copper Director General of the Department of Antiquities recovered Ministry Alatharan pieces of seized representing different eras of Egyptian beginning of Asorma prehistoric through eras Pharaonic and Greco Roman, Coptic and Islamic era, including 27 scarab, 13 Amulet of different shape and seal cylindrical all belong to the Pharaonic era in addition to 11 statue wooden and stone mantle and Coptic for a child and a piece of fabric and part of the Coptic vessels of a lion from the Ptolemaic era jar her neck and a series of carrier due to the Naqada civilization 2

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