Americans are looking to return security to Egypt to enjoy the tourism

Washington "obelisk" .... Several of the Americans looked forward to the return to normality and the completion of the presidential elections successfully and teacher agree on a road in Egypt to regain its tourism with the establishment of security so they can resume their flight to Egypt tourism.

 This came during the events round embassies "Passport DC" which was attended by the Egyptian embassy yesterday for the second consecutive year at its headquarters in Washington, which is to meet cultural and tourist important overseen by the Organization for Passport DC U.S. annually in a large number of foreign embassies in Washington to view the cultures of different countries and civilizations of the American tourists.


The Ambassador Sameh Shoukry, Egypt's ambassador to the United States that the meeting provided an opportunity for many families of Egyptian expatriates and American families to see the culture of Egypt and its culture through a busy day of activities and diverse oriental music, food, Egyptian distinctive and different activities for children as well as presenting the most important products and handicrafts, films that display About the most important tourist attractions and museums in Egypt.


He pointed out that this important event is part of ongoing efforts to revitalize the Embassy incoming tourism to Egypt from abroad and attract attention to get closely acquainted with the greatness and uniqueness of the Egyptian civilization.

On the other hand, Ambassador Shoukry that the Egyptian embassy in Washington will host a round of presidential elections from 11 to 17 May, where they will be receiving the vote of voters at the embassy and through the mail, pointing out that he will be in this election, the application of electronic means new will be announced soon and targeting promote transparency in the conduct of

Participated in a meeting round the embassies of all embassy staff, including Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Plenipotentiary Yasser Najjar and Consul of Egypt in Washington, Hani Naji and head of the office of educational and cultural Dr Muhammad Hilmi El-Borai and cultural attaché Dr. Mohammed Salah and Annex media have attributed. 

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