Monte: Egypt's first tourist destination with Italians

Italy - Italian Prime Minister said Mario Monti The Italians are considered the first tourist destination Egypt, pointing out that Italian tourists who were at the forefront of Egypt Discover the magic of spas and tourist landmarks, historical, cultural and natural.

He noted the Monte in Rome, to the presence of Italians also associated with the presence of many businessmen and investors believe the future of tourism development in Egypt, the establishment of infrastructure, hotels, and open the field of employment for many of the Egyptian labor.

He added: We are convinced that as soon as the return of security and stability, the Italian tourism will experience a large influx of Italian tourists.

It is expected that the Italian Prime Minister during his visit to Cairo, which begins on Monday and a two-day mission to visit one of the important tourist sites in Egypt, the pyramids of Giza, in order to launch an important message to the Italian and European tourists.

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