foreign tourism in Egypt return to the best rates

The Minister of Tourism Egyptian Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour that foreign tourism to Egypt, will return to the best rates during the coming period, as they were in 2010, which saw the best performance of the tourism market in Egypt, pointing out that he held several meetings during his current visit to London, which first started last Thursday with a number of British tour operators dealing with the Egyptian market.

The Minister of Tourism - in a press statement: The meetings on how to return to the previous rates of tourism, pointing out that Britain is the No. 2 source of tourism to Egypt.

He explained that he continues to communicate with the major British tour operators to get to know their applications and systems review of the stimulus applied to the international tourism to Egypt.

The Abdelnour to that he held several meetings with the heads of seven companies, including tourist company level and Thomson and other companies dealing with tourism in Egypt, where I came out of these meetings optimistic Bamoosmin summer and winter the next.

He added: "In the absence of unpleasant surprises in the weeks and the next few months in Egypt, I expect to see the tourist movement to Egypt to return to prosperity in line with the levels of tourism to Egypt in 2010."

He explained that to reassure foreign easy because the perception in countries exporting tourism to Egypt derived his information from the Egyptian media and the Arab world, stressing that it should be on the Egyptian media investigated the accuracy of the news broadcast and scrutinized.
He pointed out that the Egyptian media focus on the events striking and dramatic events and the perception that these events repeated in all parts of Egypt which is not true, not all of Egypt is the field of editing and not all of Egypt Magdy Rady demonstrations are organized on an ongoing basis. 


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