The presence of three thousand tourists .. Taataamd sun on the face of Ramses II

Taamdt the sun on the face of the statue of King Ramses II in Abu Simbel temple in the southern province of Aswan yesterday morning for about 31 minutes, specifically in the sixth, sixth and 22 and 53 of yesterday morning.
He d. Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of the effects that this phenomenon attracts the attention of the world twice a year on 22 October in the beginning of the planting season and the second harvest on 22 February.
Despite the absence of the celebrations, carnivals and popular art, which was associated with this phenomenon in mourning for the victims of the incident Stadium, Port Said, it attracted nearly three hundred thousand tourists come to see them from different countries of the world.
It is expected to settle the controversy which is renewed with frequent phenomenon on the history of occurrence during the seminar organized by the Ministry of Antiquities and UNESCO at the Museum of Nubia under the title "features historical and astronomical phenomenon of the sun passes the Temple of Abu Simbel," and in the presence of a number of Egyptologists in the world, including six scientists who participated in saving the temples of Abu Simbel from drowning during the sixties and the results are reached by the scientists involved in the seminar this morning.
The archaeological Ahmed Saleh, Director General of the effects of the temples of Abu Simbel and Nubia has revealed that the sun passes over the face of King Ramses II in the temple in October coincides with the onset of agriculture in ancient Egypt, while coinciding Taamayora on February 22, the beginning of the harvest season.
The event passes the sun on the statue of Ramses was happening on the 21st of October, February, and after the transfer of the temple of Abu Simbel from its old to its current location within the project to save the monuments of Nubia became the incident is repeated on 22 so as to change the latitude and longitude after the transfer of the temple 120 meters west and at altitudes of 60 meters .
And the intervention of the sun from the front of the temple to go a distance of 200 meters to reach the Holy of Holies and cut another 60 meters to Taataamd the statue of King Ramses II and the statue of the god Amun Ra God of a good maker of statues within about 355 cm and a length of 185 cm display meters.
There are north and south wall art the Holy of Holies and a second column theorists have a priest for 21 in the first compound of King Ramses II and the second convoy carrying the god Amun Ra God of Thebes.
The books tell the Egyptians that the king and the processional deity were carrying the knowledge of the 21 priest outside the Temple of Abu Simbel, where it was provided for the two offerings in the sowing and harvesting seasons.

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