How much does it cost to build the Great Pyramid today?

Even with the cranes and tractors, helicopters and trucks at our disposal, it would be difficult to build the Great Pyramid in Giza today. Harbor construction since 4500 years ago is amazing, even in the eyes of some people to the point where they claim the participation of Sufism

Or even foreign intervention. But this theory, the current to build the Great Pyramid - the idea that it was assembled from the inside out, through the internal slope rising - is still probably the best plan for construction.

By following that plan, we can not repeat the wonders of the ancient world with an estimated $ 5 billion. First, let's look at this plan: The length of the pyramid 756 feet from the side, and a height of 481 feet, and consists of 2.3 million stone weighing nearly 3 tons to the total mass of 6.5 million tons.

Legend has it that the building was constructed in 20 years, and this means that the cluster one was transported to another place every 5 minutes. It requires the work of thousands of (slaves). While the traditional theories to suggest that the pyramid was built by a long external ramp, such ramp had to move it in all the parts for more than a tendency to be shallow enough to drag the stones on it.

While modern theory gaining momentum among the most economical architects and Egyptologists and indicate that the last third of the height of the pyramid was built by dragging the stones to the corridor outside. But before that - for the remaining 33% or so of the size hierarchy - construction of the Egyptians on their way inside the building, and they built an internal slope gently and put blocks in the right place as they went up. In addition, workers may have had to re-use stones extracted to an external ramp to build the upper ranks of the pyramid, so as not to lose anything.

Collaborated Jean-Pierre Houdin, the French architect, developed the theory of the internal ramp, with a team in Dassault Systems, a company graphics 3D, to create a virtual model of the construction process. And planning team of scientists at the University of Laval in Quebec now an investigation of the imaging infrared, which can reveal soon the slope rising inside the Great Pyramid, if any, will be the final proof of Houdin's theory, which says the building from the inside to the outside is still the best way to build the Great Pyramid.

Houdin said, "I am absolutely confident that we can do the same thing today, and will be the most economical method." There will be two main differences between the construction of the pyramid today and in the past. First, "instead of dragging people to the sled carrying stones to the stairs, we will use the engines." Second, "in order to reach the height of 10 or 15 meters, you can use a small crane."

Just as is the use of cranes to reach the tops of skyscrapers today, and can use a helicopter instead of flying to climb to the highest level of the pyramid. And then be pulled out stones and other building materials to up to this level by a ramp inside is held in place by crane .

And adds Houdin it at a time, built a pyramid by 4000 workers over 20 years the use of force, and skis, ropes, the building of the pyramid today using stone which carries machinery, cranes, helicopters will need probably to 1500 to 2000 workers and takes about five years and will cost built $ 5 billion by way of comparison the World Trade Center being constructed in the middle of Manhattan and a length of 1776 and will cost an estimated $ 4 billion.

There are no plans to build a pyramid full on a large scale, but there is a campaign for the hierarchical model are now, the draft pyramid of earth, based in the UK, brings together the necessary funds for the establishment of a hierarchical structure in place is not known so far, and will contain a time capsule will be opened after 1000 years from now. Pyramid and the Earth will be funded by governments and organizations around the world, not only provides a window on the contemporary culture of the communities of the future, but will also serve as an opportunity to test Houdin's theory to build the Great Pyramid at Giza

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