Greek Tourism Minister: Egypt has changed after the January Uprising

Minister of Tourism and the Greek Althaqfah

The Minister of Tourism and Culture Pavlos Greek Leroy Lanus that Egypt has changed in the wake of the revolution of January 25, explaining the events they have gone through tough and strong to achieve the demands of the Egyptian people, and it affected psychologically Greek people.
He expected to become more powerful in the coming period, both at the local or global, pointing out that before the time to take their normal which it was initiated the revolution. And preached a wonderful future Allsaahh during the next 15 years between Egypt and Greece, explaining that he will be a partnership between the two countries in the field of tourism, including in their interest.
The Minister of Tourism of Greece in an interview with the "happy Bbag" on TV Channel Two Egyptian The partnership between Egypt and Greece in the field of tourism and culture is in the interest of both countries, after that there was competition between them in this area, especially after they started new states enter export tourism market, including China, India and Latin America, stressing the need to use them.
He added that the cause of his current visit to Egypt celebrated the International Day of Tourism, pointing out that the goal of one's choice of Egypt to celebrate such a day to send a message to the world of the importance of tourism in Egypt, and the need to support the Egyptian tourism to re-activate it.
The Greek minister said his country is seeking to cooperate with Egypt to change the concept of competition, noting that it will hold a meeting with Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour - Egyptian Tourism Minister - in the presence of a representative from the World Travel Organization of the United Nations.
And confirmed the existence of a historical relationship between the Greek and Egyptian civilization since ancient times, and a common culture between the two countries since the time is still ongoing, adding that there are large Greek community still living in Alexandria.
The Greek minister said that during his current visit to Egypt visit the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum and the Nile trip.

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