British calls for tourists to visit Egypt after 60 days toured

Cairo - ASHA
British adventurer called Dominique generation of tourists to visit Egypt "in a bid to boost tourism to Egypt after the revolution of January 25," where he described as stable and secure, praising the hospitality and interest shown by the Egyptians during his tour in the country. 

This came in a press conference held by Dominique generation on Sunday afternoon at the British Embassy in Cairo, after a tour throughout Egypt at a bicycle from the model Tandem lasted 60 days in the sweltering heat cut the distance of 4200 miles to get to know the attractions Egypt launched from Cairo and Mara in Alexandria and oases Luxor and Aswan and then returned to the field of editing. 

Gill said: "He decided to visit Egypt, which in a state of change after the revolution in search of the identity of this ancient country, which I found in the heart of the Egyptians", and expressed his admiration for the case of the Egyptians who live interaction and a thirst for knowledge and information. 

His generation believed that the Egyptian revolution has become a global phenomenon because it is not violent, he said, adding that the mountain of Moses is one of the most beautiful areas in Egypt, where the vacuum severe congestion compared to Cairo, while Enjoy a ride in a small boat in the River Nile. 

He explained that the temperature of the atmosphere is one of the main obstacles faced by he and camera crew who is filming a documentary about the tour in Egypt, pointing out that he carried with him his equipment from tents and food and clothes and a number to fix the bike and all the things that may be needed throughout the trip. 

He pointed out that it is scheduled to be displayed in Egypt for his film channel "Discovery, National Giografa." 

For his part, said James Watt, British ambassador to Egypt said that his country is the only country that did not change the advice of travel for tourists, the British during the Revolution and encouraged them to visit the tourist areas in Egypt, especially the Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, and expressed the hope that the return movement of British tourists to normal in the months the next few. 

He noted that the round of the British adventurer Dominic generation is the human story of the relations between the two countries, which targeted the tour of the interaction and understanding of the Egyptians and that it certainly will be a source of inspiration for all.

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