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Egypt was known throughout history as a destination for tourists and mobile phones since they had "Herodotus" in ancient history, recording was very impressed with different distance from his country of Greece and Egypt remained so throughout its history, the mediator and talk, and then added the discovery of the effects of the Pharaohs since the beginning of the last century, a special charm to Egypt, besides what the of the effects of religious and cultural unique challenge of time in the loftiness and grandeur, this side of the fullness of their geographical location the center of the world and moderate climate, summer and winter, and coasts, easy-to-period, and the beaches of the treasures of corals unique, all this is one of the comparative advantages that provide for competition required and excellence is hoped elements and guarantees
Foremost among these comparative advantages enjoyed by Egypt as a tourist destination diversity of the fields of tourism, the most important tourism and cultural sites as one of the oldest types of tourism in Egypt, where ancient civilizations lie to the eye, and speaks to what it was the nations that built these civilizations since the dawn of history, no matter how many types of tourism and Acquisitions Egypt to the components of many of them .. Remain cultural tourism is the ingredient tourism is repeated or of Like or payable to compete because it owns Egypt, which has to a third of the known effects in the whole world next to the presence of many important museums, and there are also leisure tourism and tourism beaches, religious tourism, medical tourism, eco-tourism, tourism sports festivals and competitions, and finally tourism safari tourism conferences and exhibitions.

Egypt is one of the leading tourist attractions among the countries of the world because of its multifaceted tourist treasures, has spared Egypt prosperous nature has given by God Almighty exclusive in nature and alluring eyes and hearts, not only beauty and magic as soon as the Nile and the pot forever settles it, but Egypt extended to Anne Bahrain on white and red and dive deep into the processes and spreads in the desert and makes all this heading months .. Egypt genius of the place, and history is months .. Pharaonic, Greek, Romanian, Coptic, Arab, Islamic, humanitarian and tender, is the factory and warehouse product Arab cultural and humanitarian, in thought and literature, politics, art, journalism and architecture, have shaped Egypt frequently attractive regions for tourism and associated with these ingredients massive producer of the Egyptian tourism structure basic advanced and modern facilities, installations and various accessories services high-end tourism from a wide range of luxurious international hotels to the transport network, air and land, sea and river distinct and to communication facilities and centers of guidance a tourist making a visit to the tourist to Egypt, no matter how objective and purpose of visit full of fun and excitement and interest.

By the nineties a new development policy was initiated with the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 425 of 1992 establishing the Public Authority for Development

Tourism contribution to the development of integrated tourism with the assistance of international expertise and the outstanding national and the establishment of this body is a big leap and provided all the necessary incentives and guarantees to attract investors to set up resorts, airports and new roads in the heart of the desert and on distant shores.

Over the past fifteen years and so far, saw the field of tourism in Egypt in addition to more communities Alsiahipaljdidp in several areas remote added a lot to the area of ​​the globe Egyptian tourist, and reshaped the centers of production and development in Egypt, where he was during the period from 1992 until 2006 establishment of about 557 tourist projects with a total capacity of 40 thousand hotel rooms and investment cost is estimated at 9.7 billion pounds .. These projects are distributed on the regions of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea and Al Ain Sokhna, Ras Sidr, the northern coast of El Arish, was also planning to establish 51 centers integrate tourism in their respective elements of the city itself and everything you need from basic facilities and tourist potential.

Launched by the year 2006 new promotional campaign by the Egyptian tourism in all over the world under the slogan "The Gift of the Sun" and "Egypt, which can not be compared to something .. and is being implemented through all media from newspapers, television and shops as well as outdoor advertising and media Moaslatbdot Egypt has implemented a program to promote Egyptian tourism runs from 2006 until 2011 .. This program aims to attract the private sector to pump new investments in the field of tourism investment estimated at around 8 billion pounds, which would create more job opportunities for youth in the national tourism projects, providing tourism in 2005 / 2006 about 120 thousand jobs for the youth of Egypt.

Tourism for Egypt, means a lot .. Dealing with more than 8 million tourists a year and more than 80 million nights and more than 1.6 million jobs directly and indirectly as well as about 12.5% of the total area of ​​construction and about 11.5% of GDP.

The number of tourists coming to in the recent marked increase came to 9.1 million visitors in 2006, where the percentage increase of 5.5% from the previous year, which saw 8.7 million visitors, and as a result of the increased tourism revenue generated to reach in the same year to about 6429 million dollars .. Tourism jumped from here to become a primary source of income for Egypt's foreign currency.

At the level of the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt has been able to achieve a percentage increase in the tourism sector amounted to 12.9% by 1.9 million in 2006 compared to 1.7 million in 2005. According to statistics, the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations to increase the proportion of international tourism amounted to 4.5% in the head while one out of every 5 tourists to Egypt.

For Arab countries, the proportion of the increase in the number of tourists from Qatar to Egypt, 26.4% for the year 2005. The rates of increase in the rest of the region are: 7.5% of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 21.8% of the United Arab Emirates, 17.8% from Libya, Jordan, from 16.9%, 16.7% from Kuwait, 14.7% of Tunisia and 13.4% of Bahrain.

At the level of the world, is a tourist English slide broader in Egypt, as numbered in 2006, 1.033 million an increase of 23.4% for the number in 2005, and replaced Russia in second place in the largest number of tourists to Egypt for the second consecutive year, as the number of Russian tourists 998.000 Visitors. With Germany occupied the third place the number of tourists reached 966,000 visitors, which number less than last year by only 4.1%. Italy maintained the same number last year, which amounted to 786 000 visitors, which placed them fourth.

Also saw tourism in Egypt, an overall increase in the number of bookings at the global and regional levels up to 4.9% from what it was last year. Revenues for the total tourism in Egypt for 2006 of approximately $ 7.6 billion, an increase of 11.8% for the year 2005.

Has seen the hotel industry a quantum leap great start to increase the number of hotels and tourist villages and floating hotels for up to about 1187 hotels and villages in 2005/2006 and increased hotel capacity to be parallel with the massive increase in numbers of tourists and tourist nights, where was this energy about 170 a room during the The same year, in addition to the development of the existing berths on the Nile, which extends from Cairo to Aswan with the creation of new berths.

Today, changing Egyptian tourist product. . Become address the broader segments of tourists across the world. . Appeared to exist patterns of new tourism of the most prominent tourism conferences and international exhibitions and tourism desert safari and yacht tourism and marine tourism, environmental and remedial and sports, as well as tourism festivals and recreational and cultural events, has also become the "Tourism diving centers" represent today's active tourist was in great demand reflected by the increase in the number of such centers To 346 centers in 2005.

In order to achieve further activation and tourist attractions, rebounded, "Tourism houses vacations" during the same year. . This new type of tourism that allows non-Egyptians to the right of ownership and use of small units to stay in some new urban areas as well as in tourist areas distinctive in each of the Sidi Abdel Rahman, Hurghada, Red Sea, Marsa Matrouh.

Achieved a tourism conference in Egypt to increase steadily during the past six years as the total events held at the Cairo International Conference about 665 events of which 132 international conference and locally and 235 exhibitions and 298 party and appropriate, and in 2006, Egypt witnessed a rebound major tourism conferences, where he held the home run more than the most prominent of the global economy of the Davos Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh and women's conference for businesswomen in Cairo....

The tourism festivals of the most important and the latest means of tourist attractions, and unique to Egypt, the establishment of many of the festivals which are popular rally such as the Cairo International Festival for the song, and the International Film Festival, and Tourism and Shopping Festival and includes inside Festival gold, the annual festival atheist ten fishing for amateurs and Alexandria International Festival of Song Mediterranean, June 2005, and starring the Sharm el-Sheikh International Bowling.

2006 also saw the implementation of more than one project in the northern coast, such as the development of the region of Sidi Abdel Rahman and the creation of a giant tourism project for the development and reconstruction of the region and turn them into a global tourist resort

The project aims and investments estimated at about 7 billion pounds, to add about three thousand hotel rooms, golf courses and a marina on a global level, to the tourist housing and sports activities, recreational and commercial centers. was also opened international hotel in the northern coast during the 2006 puts Egypt on the global tourism map, And at the same time increases the chances of international tourist flows to Egypt...

The hotel consists of 400 rooms as a first stage of the project, which includes six hotels on an area of ​​three million square meters and an investment of one billion pounds, providing nearly 50 thousand jobs....

The city of Sharm el-Sheikh Tadcbr diving centers in the world and has the potential for environmental and natural unique and diverse, making it one of the most major centers to attract international tourism and domestic in addition to being a summer resort and perfect global fan of fishing, tourism, and scuba dive in the biggest diving centers equipped with the latest hardware....

Flourishing city of Hurghada range of hotels and tourist villages at various levels, including making them get in 2005 the title of "the most beautiful tourist destinations. "...

And witnessed the New Valley oases of Egypt's Western Desert in 2006, laying the foundation stone of the largest tourist resort comprises some 54 rooms and several refugee camps...

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