Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh magical world of beauty
Sharm el-Sheikh is the latest and most popular areas for recreation and relaxation in the world, and within ten years become the most 150 hotels designed to be a resort, that is, sing the same hotel the tourist looking for fun and recreation in another place, and their populations increase dramatically, reaching more than ten thousand people and is projected to reach about 132 thousand people in 2017 with the increasing tourism activities, in particular,

Naama Bay
- Naama Bay: This is a beautiful place located in the heart of Sharm el-Sheikh .. There you'll find all the nationalities of the world in large numbers
Mcajtn walk the fields and be on their sides shops, cafes and restaurants
Walker or the main street in Naama Bay, which he calls the tourists Walk b: Hanzlsais Sharm El-Sheikh
Featuring Bay Area make it a blessing where there are night feel like in Europe

Ras Mohammed
Ras Mohammed in the south and the head or master and even the beginning of Altaor north Gulf of Aqaba.
There is also a region of more than 20 training center on a dive globally recognized and the trainee is given a license to dive and be inspected by international organizations (PADI)

It is known that the region had the largest amount of different types of ornamental fish and fish fishing is the work of the annual global competitions attended by the sport fishing professionals from all over the world and provide them with awards

Tourist resorts and beauty

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