Is an ancient type of paper made from papyrus, a plant of the family long Aljimp (Cyperus Papyrus) extends his legs to the top of the triangle-section shape, and flowers tent shape and rise papyrus from five to nine meters

The word is from the English pronunciation Paper Papyros Greco, who is believed to be derived from the ancient Egyptian word, which means Papuro Royal, where he was a royal monopoly on making paper [1].

The first use of papyrus was in ancient Egypt and especially in the Nile Delta, and later moved in ancient times to Palestine and Sicily, and use the paper in all aspects of the Mediterranean regions, and some parts of Europe and southwest Asia, has come to us from Greco-Roman and the relatively large number of texts written on papyrus, and most of these texts found in Egypt

According to the detailed description left us by the great Blaine in his book "Natural History", the papyrus was made from stem of this plant which is under water, which could reach the thickness of a human hand. After the leg was still divided into longitudinal segments extending almost a meter or three feet and then placed the slide over the other vertically. And then were immersed in water of the Nile, then dried in the sun and then refine the edges and finally the resulting paper should not exceed the page length 25 - 30 cm or from 10 to 12 inches

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