Egyptian city on the Red Sea coast and capital of the Red Sea, where the commercial port and tourist destination for its beaches and marine activities.
Hurghada gained its name from the tree Algrdq, as is usually the place-name (and especially the desert) the names of plants or trees are spread throughout the features.
Hurghada arose in the early twentieth century, a small fishing village, and then boom in the early Tmaniniat century when beginning to be known as a magnet for scuba diving enthusiasts, and accelerated growth in the next two decades to become one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt.

Sport in Hurghada
Exercise in Hurghada activities and marine sports from skiing and sailing and diving. Warm waters home to rare species of fish and coral reefs
Red Sea is the most beautiful diving areas in the world because of its purity of water.
And deplete found in multi-colored shades and colors featuring Aldzabp.
Coral reefs
As well as the beautiful coral reefs, which operate in the same time as a battering ram normal waves which makes the shores of the Red Sea area ideal for diving

The city of Hurghada has become one of the most tourist destinations and beach resorts in Egypt and the Middle East, Hurghada has gained great reputation in this few years, due mainly to two things: One is the discovery of the tourist value and aesthetic values of Hurghada, which is unprecedented and the second command is the availability of tourist facilities and sports quickly large and impressive levels in this region. Tourism in Hurghada, one of the villages.
Villages enjoy the natural beauty of Hurghada

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