Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza is the oldest of the seven wonders of the world, the tombs of the Pharaohs and were built around 2690 BC. M three pyramids where built the first of the pharaoh Cheops and a height of 147 meters and the Pharaoh Khafre, and 136 meters high and the third Pharaoh Menkaure and a height of 62 meters, one of the Seven Wonders of the remaining lanes were filled with and cemeteries in the day the property of kings, which are invaluable, and buried with them, until use in the other life, they say was looted treasures Alohermat thousands of years ago and still finds the sequence now

Is the Sphinx months statues at all, has carved from limestone and is the head of King Khafre, who lived 26 century BC. M. Long, 24 feet and a height of 66 feet. There are several Egyptian sculptures in the form of the Sphinx represent kings and God's sun, and is often the face of the statue a beard, has placed several statues on both sides of the roads leading to the pharaonic temples of Thebes, but heads a venture capital rams what is known today through the rams.
  Pharaonic Village

Is a village when you enter you think you went back thousands of years .. Community than the one you live in.
From the moment you start curfew by boat through the channels passing through the village you find yourself
Completely absorbed in Pharaonic Egypt, wherever your gaze directed will receive more and more
Sights and echoes of ancient Egypt until you're satisfied in the end you really have traveled through time to the
Past remote and wonderful
Began to dream of the village .. Dr. Hassan Ragab imagine the possibility of establishing a living museum natural meanings people
Wear what was present in seven thousand years
That was in 1974
Began his 5000 tree planting of trees was characterized by the Ancient Egypt .. Then
Brought the seeds of bulrush .. As well as birds, which was almost extinct in the world .. So that each
Approaching the image of life in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago
Little by little began to dream come true .. Until it became the Pharaonic Village is open for visits since 1984
, And made some additions and amendments in 1992

Pyramid of Saqqara
Pyramid of Saqqara tomb, the first royal in history, built between 2737 BC. AD - 2717 BC. M. Is located in the south of Saqqara, Giza, at a distance of a mile from the cliff Saqqara.

Kcypr was originally designed for the Pharaoh Djoser by the Minister Imhotep in the form of six terraces above the tunnel descending to the burial site, the pyramid has gone through six changes in the scheme before the completion of its current form.

This pyramid first building known monument made of stone in the world, as evidenced by the name is a series of six levels of stone decreasing in size until it reaches the high 62 meters (200 feet) and a rectangular base measuring 390 -350 feet.

Until that time, the terrace is the main form of tomb architecture engineering Pyramid originally began Kmstabp, and perhaps the original vision that is not a pyramid to be as a series of terraces, decreasing in size and congestion at the top of one another
Most of the outer shell of the pyramid you go, and in some points the main sections of the building also disappeared, it is clear that there were various stages of construction, showing the best form of the pyramid from the east side.
After construction of the third phase, the process of making it a real hierarchy, and Kdastkhaddmt more than 200,000 tons of stone for the construction of additional Almstabtin figs and placed over the existing four, the maker of a pyramid which is six degrees, and then was added to the face of white limestone on the north side of the pyramid.
Pyramid is one of the most important effects Eternal rest of the ancient Egyptians where the first thing that should be talking about is this initial bench when the bench was built for the first time it was built to be just a bench built of local stone covered with a layer of limestone was about 26 feet high and 207 feet view
The internal structure
The king's burial chamber built of granite. During exploration in the period from 1924-1926, was found on the Statue of Djoser in the burial chamber. The statue was distorted, but coherent, and is now exhibited in the Cairo Museum

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