Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel
Not only found within Almabadan Abu Simbel are the basis of being the finest monuments in the world, but the process of transfer and reconstructed Tauejia event in itself. When exposed Almabadan (about 280 km from Aswan) to drowning in Lake Nasser, due to the establishment of the High Dam, the Egyptian government has to support the UNESCO and appealed to the world to participate in this great work. During the rescue operation, which began in 1964 and continued until 1968 is broken, temples and raising them a distance of 60 meters higher than the sandstone rock, where he was Almabadan were performed for over 3000 years. Been transported and assembled again in this place with the same situation and the distances and the previous format. Mount has also been established to cover industrial, and the archaeologists filling joints and filled, but it can see the inside of the division into blocks. Tourists can enter the dome and the vision of industrial photography images showing the different stages of the giant project for the transfer of temples and made three presentations a day light and sound in eight languages

 N design of the Abu Simbel temples is unique, although the temples carved in the rocks, unusual in Egypt, they are very much present in the Nuba Mountains, however, there is no example other than the two twin temples were built for Ramses and his wife Nefertari, bind together to form one group. Almabadan differs from all other Nubian temples, that they did not revert to the Church, but never left and would not affected by other religions that came after their stay, until the sand removal and detection of year 17 18
It is world-renowned landscape beyond imagination, which in its strength and the greatness of the image and the main front of the temple Pettmathilha four large and monkeys queuing cheering for sunrise. The smaller temple is located to the north of the great temple, Ramses II carved in the rock in honor of the goddess of love and beauty like Hathor and his wives to his heart Vvrtary. 'Adorn the front of the temple and six standing statues: four of Ramses II and two for his wife Nefertari.

It is still possible to feel the power of the pharaoh of God in this building which embodies the bravery and military strength of Pharaoh, and also reflect a degree equal love for his wife and children, which stands for flowers and tenderness in the design of the smaller temple. The magnificent reliefs depicting the details of Battle of Kadesh, and Ramses and Nefertari companion of the gods and the two lead religious rituals. It is strange that the sun's rays still penetrate the Holy of Holies in the depths of the temple president, who is known as the sun being vertical on the same days of the year: the twenty-second of February, which marks the birth of the King holiday, and the twenty-second of October, which marks the festival of his coronation, he sat on the throne. It is possible that this time is linked to the symbolic unification, via the rays of the sun illuminate the statues of Horakhci Ra, Ramses II

The phenomenon of perpendicular rays of the sun on the temple of Abu Simbel

Of the most important feature of the temple of Abu Simbel from other temples of the ancient Egyptians to enter the sun's rays in the early morning to a place inside the so-called "holy of holies" and access to the four statues, Vtdi this place deep in the rock and away from the entrance about sixty meters.!!

In 1874, Miss Amelia has explored Eduarz and his team in the monitoring and recording of this phenomenon in her book published in 1899 (thousand miles on the Nile) as follows: statues become the holy of holies of great influence and surrounded by a beautiful halo of prestige and dignity at sunrise and fall by the rays, If any viewers did not observe the fall of the sun this doubt in the strong impact, carefully measured as astronomy and mathematics, where the ancient Egyptians as meticulously directed towards a certain angle so that these rays fall on the faces of the four statues.

At the time the sixth and twenty-five minutes on February 21, or five o'clock and fifty-five minutes in on October 21 of just about every year, en Sunbeam soft paper like a revelation down over the face of King Ramses, embraced and accepted, a flood of light filled the Pharaoh's facial features inside his room in the holy of holies in the heart of the majestic temple, a sense of awe and fear, shaking chills light heart, as if the beam had held your Hzk depths of overwhelming force magic, no magic any ambiguity shake your identity and you live for moments of a miracle, and then multiply quickly Sunbeam component beam of light lights up the faces of the four statues within the Holy of Holies.
Is it not strange really not change the accounts of priests, engineers, artists and men of astronomy from the Egyptians through the journey time length of more than three thousand three hundred years? (Question not got to answer to today
Marked a very important
Known that the sun perpendicular on the face of Ramses II in the great temple city of Abu Simbel Bakds Holies twice a year on the birthday of King February 22 and crowned king on October 22

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