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Arab Republic of Egypt
جمهــورية مصر العــربية

Egypt enjoys a distinguished geographical location, at the crossroads of the ancient world continents of Africa, Asia and Europe .. And has always been a meeting place for cultural interaction between East and West .. And between the North and South .. The isthmus, which passed it to the world religions .. All this is reflected to form the Egyptian man ... Grab the values of tolerance, moderation and openness and interaction with the other

Astronomical site:
Astronomically, Egypt is located between latitudes 22, 32 north of the equator and between longitudes 24, 37 east of Greenwich
Area:About (1.01) million km 2 

Geographical boundaries  Egypt limits the north Mediterranean coast with a length of 995 km and bounded on the east coast of the Red Sea with a length of 1941-km and is bordered in the northeast of Palestine, Israel 265 km long and bordered by Libya to the west along the 1115-km long and bordered by Sudan to the south along the 1280-km.

Egypt is located .. That part in which he lived by the old Egyptians since the dawn of history .. in the heart of the world, and has been a convergence point of geographical, cultural and civilization throughout the ages. Geographically, Egypt is located at the crossroads of the ancient world continents: Africa - Asia - Europe .. Overlooking two seas: the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and supervise the bays are the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba, and at home being the Suez Canal one of the routes of international water issues. 
Egypt put one of her feet in the Asian continent, although belonging to the continent of Africa, which also flows from the River Nile .. Lifeblood of the people of Egypt. And a link to this geographical location, Egypt was an isthmus, which passed through the three monotheistic religions, as was the forum for the interaction of civilizations between East and West, between North and South, and at home and continued convergence of civilizations, Pharaonic, Greco, Romanian, Coptic, and Islamic .. Down to the modern era. Vetoaslt Egypt via the Mediterranean with the successive European civilizations, and remained at the same time the south part of the world, living issues and ongoing quest for 
development and progress. At the same time, by virtue of its position in the Islamic world, Egypt has over the centuries, a beacon of radiation of thought and Islamic civilization, embodied the values of moderation, tolerance and coexistence, which are the essence of Islamic teachings.
Arab region in Egypt will take the role of cultural, political and ideological chief, bears an important share of the movement towards stability and peace and progress and renaissance in the Arab world and the Middle East. There is no doubt that this geographical location, cultural and human dimensions has had repercussions on the composition of the Egyptian man, who has been through the ages adheres to the values of moderation and openness to others, and creative interaction with other nations and cultures, seeking for good and peace for his country and to humanity

About 70.7 million people (2002)

Official language:
Arabic language and used English and French languages in business transactions
Egyptian Pound = 100 piastres
Is the capital of Arab Republic of Egypt and the major cities of Egypt and Africa is divided into three main tourist areas: Islamic Cairo: And embraces many of the Islamic monuments such as mosques, markets, palaces and walls, and the Al-Azhar Mosque, built during the Fatimid caliphate in addition to museums such as the Museum of Islamic Art, which is located in the Bab field and 80-A masterpiece of Islamic civilization is the most famous in the world's largest Quran handwritten Group of the Fatimid ceramics and drawing of the Holy Ka'aba on slabs of porcelain to a group of incense burners and candlesticks
There is also a jewel Palace Museum, built by Muhammad Ali and Manial Palace Museum, built by Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq, combining architecture remodeled between Turkish, Arabic and Persian, and a rare collection of manuscripts and artifacts of the Ottoman era
Flag of Egypt:- Top of the rectangle red evidence of brightness and hope, and glow.- East rectangle of the color white is the color reflects the purity and image within the rectangle   Eagle, the most powerful birds in gold is seen on the left and expressed Egypt's power and civilizations.- Rectangle bottom of the color black reflects the ages of underdevelopment and colonialism, which disposed of Egypt

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